Monument Walk

A lovely walk in the City Centre (1-2 hours)

1) Grey's Monument - Blackett Street. Newcastle.
'Start Grey's Monument'.(see Monument inscription)

2. Upper Grey Street.
Leaving the monument and slowly descending Grey Street.On your left is Waterstone's bookshop. Continuing down the street on the left side you will see the bank buildings of Lloyds/TSB. On the site where Charles I was held prisoner. Walk on. Stand now for a moment on the corner of Grey’s and Market Street and you will see in front of you the magnificent portico of the Newcastle Theatre Royal.

3. Market Street
Turn left at the corner and look out for the plaque on the bank wall.Now walk along Market Street to its junction with Pilgrim Street. There you will see the cities central Police and Fire Stations. On the opposite corner is ‘Carliol’ house.Where to the left of the entrance is a plaque dedicated to Joseph Swann.Cross over to The Police Station main entrance and continue along Market Street East. Passing the entrances of The Magistrates Courts.

4. Plumber Tower
Continue along Market Street East cross over Carliol Street and on to Croft Street. A short way down Croft Street, you will find ‘Plumber or Cutler’s Tower’. See Plaque.

5. Carliol Square
Walk down Croft (meaning orchard or garden) Street into Carliol Square (named after 13c rich merchant family). You are now standing at what was once the easterly part of the City wall and Carliol Croft.As you turn back to walk up Croft Street. In this area stood the Great Prison (1820-1924) of Newcastle and Gateshead, known as The Bride-Well or House of Correction! The current Pilgrim Street Police Station cell complex is today still know as The 'Bridewell'.Walk back onto Market Street East and cross the road toward Gallagher’s pub. Looking through the archway as you crossed the road, you may have noticed the Central Motorway, beyond that stands Shieldfield.(Shieldfield) Several times on this once area of open country thousands of English troops were 'mustered' here to fight in service against Scotland. In the siege of the city the great fort here (demolished) held off the might of the Scottish army. In later years King Charles while prisoner in the city was allowed to play golf here.You are now on Newbridge Street West.

6. Laing Art Gallery.
Walking along New Bridge Street West back towards the city centre you will see on your right the large domed building of the Laing Art Gallery with it's new front entrance and magnificent blue tiled pavements. It is open daily between 10am-6pm and on Sunday between 2pm-5pm.'Washroom facilities'.

7. ‘Lying In Hospital’
Almost opposite the Gallery you will see the site where the original ‘Lying In Hospital'. (see plaque)

8. Carliol / Weaver’s Tower/ LibraryInformation.
At the road crossing in front of you (NewBridge St. and John Dobson St) once stood The Carliol or Weaver’s Tower; situated at the far North –Eastern corner of the City Wall.During its demolition a cannon ball was found lodged in its 4 feet thick wall. A reminder of the Siege of Newcastle-see History page. Now cross over John Dobson Street to Dobson's Pub. On the right past the pub turn right up the stairs to the entrance of the new Central City Library (1970). I using a wheelchair do not turn right continue to the next junction. Turn right. Then turn right again about 20 metres later. Follow the pedestrian walkway to the Library entrance. Stop and take a break, rest and use the facilities & cafe; information facilities for the whole area. As well as a local history reference section with a whole area dedicated to tracing your local family tree.

9. Saville Row
Leaving the library by its main entrance turn right walk straight on through the archway which leads onto Saville Row. Turn left onto Saville Row and continue until you reach Northumberland St.

10. Northumberland Street.
The Street.You have now entered one of the cities main pedestrian shopping areas. At the end of Saville Row Stop. Look out from Saville Row across Northumberland Street. Look above the first floor level you will see beautifully carved figures of famous Newcastle men.

11. Harry Hotspur / Roger Thornton / Thomas Bewick / John Marley.
Now turn right and walk up the street.Walk to the entrance and walk into Eldon Square Mall. The walk continues through the entrance and into the mall.

12. Eldon Square MallInformation.
Follow the Mall as it winds its way some distance until you reach a 'T' JUNCTION. Turn left and walk on until you reach ‘Blackett Bridge’...on your left with windows looking onto the street below, stop and look out over 'Old' Eldon Square and Blackett Street with Grey’s Monument in the background. Continue...on your left at the Jewellers go left. Follow that mall and go down the next escalator. At the bottom the Mall is Sidgate.Walk away from the escalator on Sidgate toward the exit at Grey's Monument.Grey's Monument in front of you now is the Monument. Grainger Street is on your right. Walk down the left side of Grainger street a short distance.

13. The Exchange Buildings
You are now looking for the entrance to ‘The Central Arcade’. Inside and partly on Market Street you will find Newcastle Tourist Information Service. Admire the beautiful glass roof and Terrazzo Floor. Leave by Grey Street exit. You have completed the walk.

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