Lunchtime Walk 2

A short little break from the City to the river and back!

Pilgrim Street

Begin the old Fire Station.
With the Fire Station behind you walk across Pilgrim Street to The City Take Away.

Shakespeare Street
Turn right down Shakespeare Street.
At the next corner turn left onto Grey Street... Barclay's House is directly in front of you.

Grey Street
Walk down Grey Street passing Fitzgerald's Pub on your left.
Cross over the next junction with Mosley Street on to Dean Street.

Keeping on the left side of the street look for LD. Mountain Centre.
At the centre cross directly over the road.

Amen Corner
To the right of Cb's Sandwich Bar look for an alley and stairs.
Climb the stairs. At the top bear left and with The Cathedral on your right continue.

At the end of the pathway, which is Amen Corner turn left.
Go down the dip and cross over to the cobbled road on your right.

Ascend the path and pass the stone Keep is on your left. Continue under the railway arch.

At the Castle turn left following the wall with The Bridge Pub on your right.
Continue on toward the large stone building in front of you (The Moot Hall Court)

On your right you will see descending stairs...take the stairs walking through the archway. Descending see the new Hilton Hotel under construction on the opposite side of the river.

Walk the historic Quayside
At the very bottom of the stairs turn left.
With the Casa Bar on the opposite side of the road in front of you.Walk on to the pelican crossing. Cross over the road and through Watergate toward the river.
At the river's edge turn left walk under the Tyne Bridge and continue to the traffic lights near to Flynn's Bar.

Cross over the road to the Law Courts. Continue past the Court's and on past The Waterline Bar.

Milk Market
At the corner of the bar turn left up Milk Market, and left at the next corner.
With The Travel Lodge in front to your left continue. A large stone wall will be on your right.
Sallyport Crescent will be the old Council houses on your left.

City Road
Walk past the houses toward the rail bridge. Just before the bridge is a pedestrian crossing. Cross over the road toward the City Road and Friars PLC signs. On your left in front of you will see Trafalgar Street. Cross over to the street.

Manors and Motorway
With Castle Gate Centre on your right, walk toward and under the long railway arch...continuing up the steep hill toward the steps of the footbridge far in front of you.
Ascend the steps and turn left over the motorway the end of the bridge turn right and descend the ramps.
At the bottom of the ramp continue under the arch. Walk on to and through the traffic lights to the next these you are back to the start of the walk.

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