Often wish you could find someone to do a good job?

We have found these people to be reliable Tradesmen in the Tyneside Area

Dave is a Plumber.Contact him on 07913188374.

Kitchen Fitter / Joiner.
Tony is a Kitchen Fitter / Joiner. Contact him on 07952643140.

Carpet Fitter / Floor Layer.
Richard is a Carpet Fitter / Floor Layer.Contact him on 07939112564.

John is an Electrician / Alarm Engineer.Contact him on 07949663142.

You might wish to tell them, only as an introduction, that you got their details from our site.

Newcastlewalks does not receive anything from them and we are not in any way suggesting that you utilise their services.
If you agree to have work done by them, liabilities, costs and guarantees would be a contract between you and them.

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