World Event Time North East Event
Industrial Revolution begins 1730 1730-80's 1711  Newcastle Courant Newspaper formed.
Flying Shuttle weaver. Kay.GB. 1771  Great Flood. (River Tyne)
American war Independence 1775 1771  b. Lord Collingwood. Collingwood's Fame!
 Penal colony in Australia 1788 1771  b. George Stephenson, Railway eng.
13 colonies meet in US 1787 1781  Georgian Tyne Bridge. opens.
9 States agree constitution 1788 1789  Lifeboat invented South Shields.
French Revolution 1789   
First £1 banknotes 1797 1797  b.Grainger architect, developer.
The Napoleonic wars 1803 1803  Alfred Pit Open Jarrow. Colliery History
The Battle of Trafalgar 1805 1808  b. Hancock Botanist
Abolition of the Slave Trade. 1807 1807  b. Charles Trevelyan.
Existing slaves no freedom! 1810  Ncle. corporation. buy Castle-Keep.
  1814 Tyne Freezes over at Newcastle
Napoleon abdicates 1814 1814 1815  Grace Darling b. lifeboat heroine.
The Corn Laws 1815 1824  Ryton Boxing 2k.att.Boxer dies for £20
Argentina breaks from Spain 1816 1824  Robert Stephenson b. Mining engineer.
Stockton to Darlington Railway 1825 1828  Joseph Swan b. inventor electric light
The accession of Queen Victoria  1837 1837  b.Burt (mining engineer)
Penny Black Stamp 1840 1841  Bainbridge Dept. Store Opens. 
New Zealand Maoris to be British  
Irish famine 1844 1844  London-Ncle Rail link.
Repeal of the Corn Laws   1846 1846  Lord Armstrong's Factories-Elswick 
 Factory Act. Industrial growth   1850 1850  New Newcastle Central Railway Stn. 
Public Health Acts   1848 1849  High Level Bridge Opened. 
The Great Exhibition 1851 1851  25% of Newcastle Population Irish.
Australian Gold Rush  1853  Cholera kills 1,500 in North. 
The Crimean War  1854 1854  Parson. b. Engineer
The Indian Mutiny 1857 1862  Blaydon Races song first sung in public.
American Civil War 1861  1862  204 die in Hester Colliery New Hartley.
  1863  Newcastle Labour Club set up.
The Second Reform Act  1867 1867  Spanish Gold found off Seaton Carew.
 Foundat'n Trades Union Congress  1868 1868  Saltburn develops-railway arrives.
Education Act  1870 1871  Univ. Durham takes Ncle. Med. School. 
June 26th 1876 1876  Newcastle’s Swing Bridge. Armstrong
Custers Last Stand  
Telephone first demonstrated  
The Third Reform Act  1882 1882  Newcastle becomes City.
Gordon of Khartoum  1885 1885  Berwick loses status.Parliament.
Irish Home Rule crisis  1886 1886  Tyne World's? first Oil Tanker Launched
Jack the Ripper  1888 1891  Newcastle Empire Theatre opens.
Ind. Labour Party founded  1893 1892  Newcastle United formed.
Victoria's Diamond Jubilee  1897 1897  Parson.Turbinia steam turbine ship.
The Boer War 1899-1902 1900  World's 1st police car chase was by Newcastle Police.
Marconi 1st transatlantic message 1901 1902  Robson F.Actress.b.
Fingerprints 1st used in UK 1906  RVI hospital opens.b.C.Cookson-Auth
Queen Victoria Dies 1909  West Stanley pit 168 Killed.
Australia Independent Commonwealth State 1910  Ncle. win FA Cup.
  1911  200,000 miners in North.
  1911  Northern Small pox rife
 The First World War 1914-18 1914  Women get buses
 Irish Free State established  1921 1921  Miners locked out by owners. 3 m'ths.
  Gen. Strike. 2,000,000 unemployed.  1926 1926  Mine owners cut pay-increase hours.
 First public demonstration of Television.  
BBC is created. 1927 1927  Newcastle Brown Ale. Beer first produced.
Penicillin-discovered by Alexander-Fleming 1928 1928  Tyne Bridge opens.
Vote to women over 21 1928  Flying Scotsman Lon-Edinb. rail route 
Wall Street Crash 1929 1929  NE Coast Exhibition 4 million visitors.
3,000,000 unemployed 1932 1934  Newcastle United relegated, first time.
Invention of radar  1935 1935  Jack Charlton b. footballer
3 Sept.GB declares.war on Germany 1939-45 1939  54,000 Evacuated from Tyneside.
Churchill English PM 1940 1940  1st Enemy plane brought down Whitby
USA joins war1941 1941  Manors Goods Stn Newcastle bombed.
Italy Capitulates 1943 1944  Opencast mine on Town Moor.
v1 Rck't bombs on GB 1944  
Germany surrendered 1945 1945  Tyneside Victory Celebrations
India and Pakistan gain Ind. 1947 1947  N.Towns Aycliffe. Peterlee.  
First civilian jet plane built 1949 1951  81 die in Easington Colliery disaster. 
Queen Elizabeth crowned  1953 1959  Commercial TV in NE 'Tyne.Tees.TV' 
London Music. Fashion capital. 1960's 1963  D.Smith dev'lps Ncle by demolition.
Berlin Wall Built 1961 1963  New Eldon Sq. planned
Pres.Kennedy Assasinated 1963 1963  Durham Kings College becomes Uni. of Ncle 
 Gandhi India's 1st W PM 1966 1963  95 Railway Stations closed in North.
Civil war in Nigeria    1967 1963  N.T'ns Killingwortth Cramlington Washington
Man walks on Moon  1969 1967  Tyne Tunnel open.
Concorde First Flight 1969 1969  Newcastle Polytechnic opens.
  1970  Beamish Museum opens.
Prime Minister Heath. 1973 1973  Work begins Metro Railway system
3-day working week.  
Concorde-1st commercial flight. 1976 1976  Work begins Keilder Dam 
Unemployment 1,600,000.  1977 1977  Princess Anne visits Berwick.
Winter of Discontent. 1978/9 1978  Only 8 Shipyards left on the Tyne. 
Public Sector Trade Unions strike.  
IRA hunger strikes. Sunday football. Jogging and marathons. 1980's 1980  Metro Railway system opens. 
Thames-Flood-Barrier. Satellite-television. 1980's 1980  Consett Steel Works (Durham) close.
M. Thatcher 1st woman PM. 1979-90 1990  National Garden Festival Gateshead 
The Gulf conflict 1991 1991  Riots Ncle West End. North Shields
Blair Prime Minister New Labour 1997 1997  Ncle 13th most attractive city in UK. 
Conflict over Kosovo 1999 1999  Gateshead 'Angel of the North' erected
  Home rule suspended in Ireland. 2000 2000  Gateshead: Quays Development.
Fuel protests. 2000  Regional Music Centre.
  2000  Millennium Bridge open. 
  2000  Ncle.8th best party city in World. 
11th September New York City World Trade Centre attack. 2001  
Vote to ban foxhunting.  
Outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease  
Scientists report 22-47% of plant species in danger of extinction due to human activity.  2002 2002  Metro new Sunderland link.
 Madrid train bombings 2004  
New Planet discovered  
Scotland hosts G8 conference 2005  Carlisle suffers severe flooding.
All Blacks win series against Lions  
Earth-like world beyond our solar system.  
  2007 Northern Rock Bank liquidity support from the Bank of England
Mass demonstrations on treatment of Tibet by China. 2008  Conservatives hold yearly Conference in Gateshead.
The Credit Crunch. Swine Flu concerns World. M.P. Expenses. 2009  Shipyard cranes leave the Tyne for China. Newcastle United relegated.

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