England's Border Country

The region of England that unites with Scotland.Where accents change and the English Landscape rolls over into another Country.
Where Loyalties and Traditions merge, cloud over, and then firmly change. There are no ‘Toll-Gates’.
No ‘Border-Crossing’ Patrols.
No Passport Checks…just a few signs on specific roads welcoming you in! Unique is not the word to describe North Northumbrian’s and Southern Scottish - history suggests in the past they were both a little ‘unruly’.
Visit the final frontier of The Romans. The limit of the dominion of English Kings and Governments. The place where family names through Heritage become ‘clans’.England’s Border Country…

Miles from the Masses

Picture crowds and multitudes of people. Picture traffic congestion and queues of cars. You might find that in other areas of the country but once you are in the North East, you’ll find a beautiful experience waiting.
The area of England where there is room to breath, to stretch, to stride out and then relax in magnificent seclusion miles from the big cities. One of England’s unspoilt recreational areas.
Or if that’s not what you want, take the time to travel the miles back to the big city congestion.....

Evolution - David (1996)

Once we dug Coal found down a black hole.
We also built ships that went down great slips.
Horses and trams on roads with no jams,
Men with top hats sat down at the docks
as ladies passed by wearing long frilly frocks.
Now they’ve all gone what have we got?
Looking around we haven’t a lot!

New Age,
Road Rage.

No time to talk,
No time to walk.

Petrol and Diesel and rockets that fly,
The world is advancing in the blink of an eye!

Water filtration,
and air with pollution.
Yet still we’re advancing,
It’s call evolution!

Space and Diversity

Living in or visiting the North East you won’t feel cramped, constricted or confined.
There is freedom, room to move, breathing space and a coastline to countryside experience second to none!
The versatile variety of Castles, Cornfields and Cathedrals provide the ubiquitous mixture of natural and historic beauty which is in magnificent abundance throughout the whole region.

Splendour and Variety of Nature

To the West, a sanctuary for English wildlife of red squirrels, badgers, otters, seals, roe deer, seals, feral goats and the unique wild white cattle of Chillingham.
To the East, an uncommonly wide range of coastal, upland and lowland birds.
All in all a landscape of magnificent finery with a diverse mixture of plant and animal life.

Images of Northern Spirit

The North of England has been characterised by many differing descriptions. The most recent, although fading fast, is that of the cloth-capped miner who kept an allotment, pigeons and a whippet. In an area where there was slag heaps (pit-heaps) in every town and village. That image neither romantic or complimentary failed to portray the strength, courage and character of the North East people. It was a surface image that failed to reveal the moral fibre, the guts and the tenacity of the people.
People who worked hard and played hard with a passionate respect for life. People who made the North East that little bit different to the rest of England.
Coalminers, Shipbuilders, Steelworkers, Fishermen, Farmers and Glass Foundrymen..
Strong, tough, unyielding men who when called to arms formed the famous heroic regiments of the Durham Light Infantry, The Royal Northumberland Fusiliers The Coldstream Guards and The Green Howards.
Strong, tough, unyielding men who when called to arms formed the famous heroic regiments of the Durham Light Infantry, The Royal Northumberland Fusiliers The Coldstream Guards and The Green Howards.
River men who worked on the Tyne the biggest coal exporting river in the world.
Shipbuilders who built the biggest Oil Tankers in the world.
Inventors who gave the world railways and electric light.
It is from those men and women that the foundation of Northern Spirit and Northern Heritage, is built upon!
Although those heavy industrious days are gone the entrepreneurial spirit, drive, and enthusiasm of those pioneers still flows in the life blood of this proud region.

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