The Saxons

Apart from raids on the wall in the 4th Century by the Picts and Scots. The next visitors were a German tribe called The Saxons.The Saxons in AD 367, joined the Picts and Scots and began raiding the whole of the province.

By the beginning of the 5th century the whole Roman Empire was falling and although the Romans did not actually walk out all at once, pay to those soldiers left defending the area stopped.

Over the next two centuries the Angles and Saxon tribes from Germany firmly took over Briton. Even though in the North the Picts and Scots continuously raided farms and villages.

Christianity spread in the region especially after the Roman Catholic Religion was adopted in AD 664.As a result many monasteries were built. Newcastle was known as Monkchester (fort of the Monks). Being, it is believed, to be named after the site of a Monastery built upon the site of the Roman fort at Newcastle.

The Angles and Saxons settled in Briton. However they could not actually decide who should rule the divided landscape. In Northumbria, the Humber river was the Southern boundary of the Picts.

The North never actually settled, such feuding left the united defence of the country weak.


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