The Romans

In AD 71 The Romans began inhabiting England. They marched North, defeated the Brigantia and continued into Scotland.

After several set backs in AD.122 they returned. They settled on a line of defence leading from The Solway in the West of England to the Tyne in the East. Along this natural line they built one of the greatest man made frontiers ever made, Hadrian’s Wall, named after the then emperor of Rome.

At the narrowest ‘bridging point’ on the Easterly end of the wall, where the Swing Bridge now stands in Newcastle, Pons Aelius bridge was built. Aelius being the family name of Emperor Hadrian and Pons being the Latin word for bridge.

Newcastle was born, a wooden fort was later built near to the bridge. The fort stood virtually on the site of the current castle. From this landmark a settlement began to grow.

The whole wall and settlement can be viewed on a magnificent model at the Museum of Antiquities at The University of Newcastle .University of Newcastle Museum of Antiquities.


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