11th to 15th Centuries

A New Castle and a Turbulent Town.
In 1066 England had visitors...William (Duke of Normandy-The Normans had arrived) took the throne and sent his son North to settle the Scottish.
1069-70 William ordered a Castle built where the current one now stands.
In 1167 a 'New-castle' of stone was built!

1st Scottish Rule
King David of Scotland ruled Northern England between 1139-1157. In 1157 Henry II regained control and pushed the Scots back to the Tweed River.

Town Status
Henry II gave Newcastle a ‘Charter’, Courts could to sit and judge breaches of it. The New-castle had gained Town status.

Proud Edward’s Army!
In 1296 Scotland revolted. In 1309 King Edward II, (‘Proud Edward’) assembled the English army in Newcastle to march into Scotland. Edward was indecisive and the troops revolted. The march did not take place. In 1314 Edward returned, marched into Scotland and suffered defeat at Bannockburn…the Scottish "Sent him homeward to think again!"

Newcastle County
In 1341 the Town Walls withstood a ‘substantial’ Scottish Army attack. In 1400 County status was granted. Newcastle was rapidly taking shape. Ships were being built on a prosperous River Tyne. Markets had been set up.

Religious Following
Inside the walls were 4 Churches, 5 Friaries and 1 Nunnery. Blackfriars is now the only one of the 5 left standing.


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