The Tyne Bridge

The famous Tyne Bridge was opened in October 1928 by King George V. It was at that time the largest single span bridge in the world. It was built by Dorman Long of Middlesbrough to relieve the pressure of road traffic from the South-North route through the city. It is said to have served as a model for the similar, but very much larger Sydney Harbour Bridge (although this theory is debated).

The High Level

Is the oldest of the bridges built in 1849 to meet the demands of the railway age, under the supervision of two engineers, Robert Stephenson and T.E. Harrison to the designs of Robert Stephenson. It is a rail, road and pedestrian Bridge consisting of 6 iron arches surrounded by stone and supporting two tiers, with the mainline London-Edinburgh railway running above and road and pedestrian ways beneath the railway, some 90 feet from the water beneath.

The King Edward Bridge

Built in 1906 like The High Level Bridge to cope with increasing rail traffic of a booming early 20th century Newcastle..

The Gateshead Millennium Bridge

Newest of all the bridges it was opened in September 2001. Significantly amongst other is the first footbridge across the river since the one built nearby by the Romans.

The Queen Elizabeth II Railway Bridge

Forms the link between north and south Tyne for the Metro rail system. Finished in 1978 and opened by the Queen. It is firmly fixed to the north bank but ingeniously floats on the other side to allow for expansion.

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